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Our Mission & Philosophy


At Axiom, it is our goal to provide each patient with a higher standard of care, sometimes not met in other facilities. We believe in Patient Centered Partnerships. It is our directive to include the patient in their plan of care from the first visit through the continuum of care. We educate each patient about their condition, its causes, symptoms, prognosis, followed by treatment plan and home care plan. Regular communication between the therapist and patient is encouraged and expected.


We treat our patients from a broad view rather than a narrow view. For example, we don’t just treat the diagnosis, which is common among many practitioners, especially to those with an untrained eye. We will provide an evaluation based upon the referring doctor’s prescription and then include further assessments to look for secondary and tertiary issues that can be complicating and exasperating the individual’s symptoms. When using a more well rounded detailed approach, a patient’s prognosis will be much better, yielding greater successful outcomes.

At Axiom we are careful not to provide assembly line therapy or “shake and bake” care. In today’s health care environment, it can be easy to get caught up in the type of care that focuses on shuffling patients in and out without listening to their needs, evaluating progress or expanding the plan of care. It is very important to us to provide a continuous cycle of assessing an individual in order to monitor progress and modify the plan of care as required rather than just checking patients in and out.

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