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Patient Centered Partnerships

We are a Therapist-owned Practice with our patients well-being and best interest always at the forefront of each decision we make . Patient Centered Partnerships is the way our customer service and individual personal needs are met. These needs are met with with seriousness and genuine empathy. Our patients are not numbers in statistical reports. Our patients are our practice. Having a positive encounter and being satisfied with your care is very important to us.

  • Continuity – because our PTs and OTs are owners, they are here for the long haul.
  • Patients become benefactors of our staffs’ long-term commitment by knowing that they will have the same PT and OT, year after year.
  • Our team of owners are close friends, both on and off the job. In other words, we are a family and our patients are members of our extended family.
  • We are not a multi-facility practice with hundreds of employees, where staff members are just a number, and patients are also just a number.
  • As a member of our extended family, you will get to know our team on a personal level.
  • We partner with our patients by investing our time, energy and experience in their healing.
  • We live for the purpose of obtaining positive patient outcomes.
  • Our partnering approach extends to our patients’ physicians. We work closely with our patients’ entire care team to fully understand every facet of our patients’ needs and concerns.
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