» Custom Hand Splints and Hand Bracing

 Custom Hand Splints and Hand Bracing

Static Composite Finger Flex Splint

Static Progressive Extension Splint with LAC following an Zone 6 laceration and Repair with Distal Radius Fracture.

Static Progressive PIP ext splint with PIP counter pressure following an aggressive PIP contracture.

Custom Fracture Brace with Static Progressive Flexion Outrigger following a Distal Radius Fracture and Zone 3 FDP laceration/repair

Static DIP Extension Splint with Dorsal Cap for Counter Pressure Following a Mallet Finger

Custom Fracture Brace for PIP Intra-Articular Fracture

Dynamic Flexion Splint with Single Blocking Dorsal Hood Following Zone 2 Flexor Tendon Repair

Static Progressive DIP Flexion Splint with PIP Block Following a FDP Repair

Anti-Spasticity Splint with PIP and Distal R-U Counterpressure Blocks incorporating Pollicis Postioning Outrigger following a SCI at C7 & T6

Dynamic Extension Splint for Digits 2-4 Following Radial Nerve Injury

Static Progressive Flexion Splint for IP Flex following a Contracture Resulting From a Fracture

Custom figure of eight, slight hyper flex. splint for mallet deformity.

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