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Hand Therapy

Certified Hand Therapy is a specific specialty of Occupational/Physical Therapy experienced in treating the many diagnoses and surgeries that may occur in the hand and/or upper extremity.

Hand Therapy begins with an in-depth evaluation of range-of-motion and strength, as well as, inquiring about a person’s function during everyday demands, occupation, lifestyle and sports and leisure activities. Hand Therapy provides skilled manual therapy, proper therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular training (if needed) and the knowledge of specific protocols to address the complex hand injuries and surgeries, which involve the hand and upper extremity today. These specialists work diligently with their doctors and patients during the course of a person’s care to provide the best treatment to reach the maximum function and well-being of the patient.

Custom Fabricated Hand Braces: Click to view image and detail

Pre-Fabricated, Custom Fit Hand Braces: Click to view image and detail

Splints and Braces for Arthritis: Click to view image and detail

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