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What is Orthotics? Orthotics is the practice of addressing medical conditions of the lower limbs, upper limbs and spinal anatomical structure. Orthotic devices, fabricated by trained and certified orthotists, aid patients in daily living by supporting weakened or abnormal limbs and joints.”  BOC – Board of Certification/Accreditation

“What does an Orthotist do? Pursuant to a physician’s order, an orthotist evaluates a patient’s condition, takes measurements and/or impressions, and creates and properly fits the appropriate orthotic device. Orthotists are integral to the physical and emotional well-being of patients, providing instruction and training on how to properly use and maintain orthotic devices.”   BOC – Board of Certification/Accreditation

At Axiom Plus, our staff of Professional Certified Orthotists, Pedorthists, Prosthetists and licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists will take you through an evaluation process to determine which device is best to accommodate your diagnosis and compliment your prescription.

Miami J Brace

Cervical Collars are necessary to stabilize the cervical spine of trauma patients but are known to contribute to the development of occipital pressure ulcers. A quality improvement project that began on one nursing unit stimulated the development of evidence-based practice guidelines and a multidisciplinary research study. As a result, a standardized plan of care and cervical collar recommendations were implemented, resulting in a sharp decline in the incidence of occipital pressure ulcers.

Miami JTO Extension

Used for treating low cervical-high thoracic injuries or for more control than a collar alone.

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